How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

  • Published: 27 June 2019
  • In this video, I’m going to show you how to lose weight without ever having to count calories again. One thing I hear all the time is “how do you stay so lean year round”. People assume you have to eat like a bird or be hunched over a scale calculating every crumb you put onto your plate. The reality of the situation couldn’t be any further from that. I don’t really give nutrition that much thought anymore because I’ve been using the same effective approach for the past decade and it has allowed me to stay lean and ripped year in and year out for over 20 years now.

    One of the reasons people get nutrition wrong is that they are overwhelmed by choices. Low carb, low fat, Keto, IF, IIFYM, the carnivore diet. Which is the best? What about calories in / calories out? Just measuring everything and entering it into an app? Where do you start? Which one works…and which one works the fastest? The truth is, they all ‘work’. From a purely scientific perspective they’re all accomplishing the same goal, limiting the amount of calories that you consume. They’re just doing it different ways.

    The problem creeps in when you’re stuck with an eating plan that doesn’t really fit your lifestyle for the long term and you end up abandoning it for your old, unhealthy way of eating. You know, the one which got you out of shape in the first place.

    I realize that there are people who choose to do specific diet plans because of potential health benefits that they might enjoy. For example, some people who suffer from inflammation have reported having relief with a Ketogenic approach. If your meal plan is meeting your personal needs and your health goals; it’s fine with me. More power to you. I’m not trying to convert people to my way of eating.

    For the majority of people out there however, they just want to look good, get leaner and maybe even carve out a six pack. For them, no matter what they do they often end up right back to where they started from often with an additional few extra pounds. If that’s you, you should give my easy to follow approach a try. It’s worked for me and it’s what I have all of my pro athletes doing.

    To start I divide my plate into thirds and dedicate a full third to my preferred protein. The remainder of the plate is divided up again for carbs with twice as many fibrous carbs occupying space compared to starchy carbs. For an example of this, be sure and check out the video where I demonstrate how I divide the plate and also show some specific meals I eat. It’s also important to mention that just because you’ve divided your plate up correctly doesn’t give you license to start stacking it higher and higher. That would defeat the purpose.

    You might be wondering how this could possibly work, how could he be eating pasta and rice without measuring or entering data into a calorie counting app to ensure he’s staying up on his macros. The fact is, if you’re making a conscious effort to fill your plate the way I describe, the rest sort of automatically falls into place.

    Fibrous carbs will provide you with the vitamins and minerals, your protein needs as an athlete are going to be met as we’ve prioritized protein by giving it the most real estate on our plate. To ensure you have plenty of energy (and your sanity) you’re still getting plenty of access to delicious carbs like rice, potatoes, pasta, couscous etc…

    Eating to be healthy and lean doesn’t have to be complicated, if you’ve found yourself banging your head against the wall trying to decide between wether you can eat breakfast or you should be writing off rice for the rest of your life, give my approach a shot. In even a few short weeks I bet you start to see a difference. What’s best, your going to get results without having to put forth all that much effort.

    If you’re looking for the latest in sports nutrition to assist your ab getting goals, be sure to head to or head to at the link below and get access to the same if you meal plan I use for building muscle and staying lean year round.

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    ATHLEAN-X™   4 months back

    Did two takes of this video and somehow my fat recommendations didn't make this cut. As always recommended, healthy fats are essential to a balanced nutrition plan. One of the biggest mistakes I made earlier in my youth (as I stated in a video on the topic) was following a no-fat diet. Now, I am sure to include them in every meal. In the example provided, you want to either cook with them (pasta in a cracked red pepper and olive oil red sauce) or add them directly (sweet potato mash with added butter). If fibrous carbs were spinach for instance, I would never eat them raw. I'd instead sautée with garlic and oil and mushrooms for more flavor. Remember, if it's not tasty you won't eat it long term. This defeats the purpose of establishing a game plan for PERMANENT healthy eating! I'll publish the unseen footage on my instagram @athleanx for those interested in watching!

    • Dinh Nguyen
      Dinh Nguyen  1 months back

      @Youngboy Twan Healthy foods are either expensive in terms of dollars or time. In order to live off the healthy yet time intensive foods, you need to economize your time. People will talk about the mostly brown rice and bean type diet. Yeah, that's economical dollar wise, but you need forethought in terms of time. The best way to economize that is to prepare several days at a time and reheat in a microwave. Preparing ahead of time is how you square the healthy foods that cost extra dollars with the ones that cost more hours.

    • 1111
      1111  1 months back

      I’d still like to know how many calories you’re taking in

    • Derek Utley
      Derek Utley  2 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ Thank you for explaining this. It makes MORE sense to me cause I’m a visual type of person. Just had my 7th back surgery and I’m DEFINITELY going to start doing this during my recovery. Thanks again Jeff for the visual idea!

    • fabianpach
      fabianpach  2 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ but where I struggle is portioning, how do I know how many oz. etc

  • All Might
    All Might  14 hours back

    And here I am eating a grilled cheese sandwich...

    • Jay Murthy
      Jay Murthy  2 days back

      What if I dont necessarily want to lose weight but just fat

      • Raven333W
        Raven333W  2 days back

        This is such a simple explanation but it really clicked with me. I appreciate how you make this information available to everyone and put it in terms that are easier to relate to.

        • Daw0o_ONE
          Daw0o_ONE  2 days back

          Broo , flexible diet is the best. I love counting calories. I've been doing it for over a year. Now when i see food, I have information about macros in my mind. For almost all foods i know the macros. I track them in myfitnesspal because I don't make effort to remember what i ate in the morning, so.. I mean thats the easest approach for dieting if you know how to apply it. ;)

          • Trumped
            Trumped  3 days back

            what size of plate do you recommend?

            • Benedek Gáll
              Benedek Gáll  3 days back

              Sorry, but Windows 7 in 2019? xD btw I love your videos, you helped me how to do several exercises! :)))

              • babbaslol
                babbaslol  4 days back

                Lean, do you really use Windows Vista in 2019?

                • Lewis Heasman
                  Lewis Heasman  5 days back

                  Will 9 o'clock and 4 o'clock work as well?

                  • Maria schlienger
                    Maria schlienger  6 days back

                    Thanks jeff

                    • Joe Velasquez
                      Joe Velasquez  1 weeks back

                      This is so good!

                      • Slinky TV
                        Slinky TV  1 weeks back

                        Me for two weeks back to healthy eating and training (even after years of doing the same following thing):

                        New MyFitnessPal account, calculating every gram on the scale, putting macros and calories and figuring out the perfect macro ratio for me, changing up my eating plan. Literally that’s the crap that’s been making me fail for years and I had to start all over again... I’m not doing it again that’s why I came here to learn, I failed miserably.. I have no goddamn clue of why I just cannot get the idea in my head that is simple and not to go insane about it (for 7 years), believe it or not, I did workout and eat healthy and failed for at least 30 times across all these years and nothing worked for me me, you know why? Not only because I didn’t ask for a change, but because I was taking it way too seriously, counting all my shit, overtraining, thinking I’m going to make it happen with a shit sleeping patterns and 2 hours in the gym and a trash diet.. Winning should taste so good when I get my dream body after all the ups and downs. Finally now after all the fails I’m making a nutrition plan that I’m actually enjoying now and this video is going to make me enjoy it even more and not worry about a damn macro and app anymore that controls my life. Sleep on point for the first time in my life, so is my workouts, I have it all now.

                        I always learned to catch myself and try again and again, and you know what I got? Experience and 7 years knowledge in fitness and nutrition and that’s not because I read some stuff online. These are serious. Sometimes it’s not about what you leave behind, it’s about what you learn from the things you left behind. I’m on my way to 10% body fat first time in my life and I don’t care what’s in front of me. I’m going to make it, fuck calories, fuck overtraining, fuck intermittent fasting and diets, fuck it all, fuck everything. I’m getting there.

                        • Slinky TV
                          Slinky TV  1 weeks back

                          This is coming from the heart. If any bro is reading this, fucking make it happen and don’t lie to yourself that your food and your life is fine. Be happy, and the same time eat healthy, don’t complicate it, our fathers always tell us to make it simple and take it easy but we don’t because we are so driven in our 20’s. But let me tell you something... Those 7 years of failure feels like a week, I’m not even joking. It feels literally like nothing, it’s gone I can not control it anymore, go ask your family the same thing and they’ll wish to be you at your age.. Guys, you can fucking do it no excuses whatsoever. Don’t let anything stop you, make it right guys take me as an example, if it’s broken, fix it, don’t lie and say it’s fine, months will pass and you won’t see results then quit cause you lied to yourself and said “man everything was on point!” No it wasn’t, if it was you’d look great after 3+ months. Make it happen, fuck everything, just fucking do it and do it goddamn right!

                      • Billy Man
                        Billy Man  2 weeks back

                        Excellent video! But does anyone know how many of these plates we are supposed to eat a day? 1? 2? 3?

                        • FromBeToReality
                          FromBeToReality  2 weeks back

                          THUMBS UP!!!
                          then watch!!!

                          • alan bane
                            alan bane  2 weeks back

                            go tell leo mesi and ronaldo not to eat carbs THEY LAFF IN YOUR FACE

                            • Navdeep Gupta
                              Navdeep Gupta  2 weeks back

                              The reason i like jeff cavaliere( and dr. Eric Berg) talking is that he actually talks about only what he knows with an honest intent to help people with various exercises and diet rules. Most of the other youtube channels posting fitness videos are loaded with crap made by pretentious nutcases who dont know shit and pretend to be doctors.

                              • SolaraProject
                                SolaraProject  2 weeks back

                                Jeff, youre doing a very good thing here. and imma tell everyone why. Fitness mongols tend to make everything so technical making the Fatties feel helpless and purchase personal training packages to "help" them, but it never does, not because their trainers are bad, they end up quitting cause they are not HAPPY, cause it feels like they are in JAIL and shit, can you blame them? NO. if they have self control then they wont be fat in the 1st fucking place, so instead of making their hard life harder, why not show them that there are alternatives. bro if salt and pepper ain't working for your chicken, then fucking put garlic powder in that motherfucker. yes its true that if you take food as an AFTERTHOUGHT then you will look like and AFTERTHOUGHT, but it doesn't have to be so "unpleasing", you still gotta remember, you are the star player of your life but at the same time, respect yourself and put down the Cheese burger and fries. Jeff really did a good one on this. if i could like this video a billion times i would, cause i like this a lot and it would help me burn more calories.

                                • C.S Luis
                                  C.S Luis  2 weeks back

                                  are your sweet potatoes come in a can?

                                  • Nikpap
                                    Nikpap  2 weeks back

                                    that 2nd plate example u made was exactly how my plate used to look HAHA

                                    • beastmode daniel
                                      beastmode daniel  2 weeks back

                                      "Simple is what works", I like that

                                      • Adam Sheldon
                                        Adam Sheldon  2 weeks back

                                        Ok Jeff, where do complex carbs fit into this? Your whole grain breads, pasta, oatmeal??

                                        • Nanashi
                                          Nanashi  3 weeks back

                                          So anyone trying it out (the first way he explained it) long term, has it worked for you? has it not worked for you? i wanna know

                                          • Brian Giraldo
                                            Brian Giraldo  3 weeks back

                                            Thank You!

                                            • Andres Ramos
                                              Andres Ramos  3 weeks back

                                              What about fats?

                                              • ziad Aljamili
                                                ziad Aljamili  3 weeks back

                                                I love your videos so much you are awesome

                                                • Grant Mcmahan
                                                  Grant Mcmahan  3 weeks back

                                                  How many should I eat a day? I am a advanced 16 year old lifter & have been eating 3 a day. But I am still hungry. Is 4 okay? I weigh 190 pounds but I am currently cutting

                                                  • Maximilian Bernard
                                                    Maximilian Bernard  3 weeks back

                                                    But will this give me enough macros like protein? And what to do when Bulking? Calories and Protein are a fickle thing when it comes to Cutting and Bulking... :/

                                                    Also, how many plates like this should a 6'1 guy eat who is trying to cut down to a low body-fat level? Twice a day? Please help. :)

                                                    • Hoscar Hurtado
                                                      Hoscar Hurtado  3 weeks back

                                                      Lmao @ 6:33

                                                      • Alchemia Official
                                                        Alchemia Official  3 weeks back


                                                        • Xtian David
                                                          Xtian David  4 weeks back

                                                          I just watched jeremy and said literally that u have to write everything and count everything. Meanwhile this guy says the opposite

                                                          • Mr Cool Guy
                                                            Mr Cool Guy  4 weeks back

                                                            Why is there no fat ??

                                                            • Adan Garcia
                                                              Adan Garcia  4 weeks back

                                                              Starting this in October. Want to start getting lean again

                                                              • Dan Staifer
                                                                Dan Staifer  4 weeks back

                                                                You know banana shows up on both lists on your site?

                                                                • wogboy82
                                                                  wogboy82  4 weeks back

                                                                  Is the Keto diet healthy? What’s your thoughts on high fat for health?

                                                                  • trombonemunroe
                                                                    trombonemunroe  4 weeks back

                                                                    Thanks for taking so much of the guesswork out with this simple but powerful idea!

                                                                    • TimBee100
                                                                      TimBee100  4 weeks back

                                                                      Don't eat nothin, then you ain't got nothin to count.

                                                                      • Salkis Re
                                                                        Salkis Re  4 weeks back

                                                                        Got damn RICE!!😪😪😪😪

                                                                        • Mohammed Tahir
                                                                          Mohammed Tahir  4 weeks back

                                                                          8.51m knows how what his talking about and always makes sense

                                                                          • tarek hosny
                                                                            tarek hosny  4 weeks back

                                                                            we need more videos about this man

                                                                            • Really Random
                                                                              Really Random  1 months back

                                                                              This is much better thabks so much

                                                                              • Evoo
                                                                                Evoo  1 months back

                                                                                If you are a tall guy then starchy carbs are exactly what you need, and lots of them.

                                                                                • Commando303X
                                                                                  Commando303X  1 months back

                                                                                  No fats?

                                                                                  • Liz Torres
                                                                                    Liz Torres  1 months back

                                                                                    • Andrew Rodriguez
                                                                                      Andrew Rodriguez  1 months back

                                                                                      Thank you !! That helps so much !!

                                                                                      • Benjamin Pujols
                                                                                        Benjamin Pujols  1 months back

                                                                                        That makes a lot of sense I've tried that off and on here in there sometimes I only eat two things on my plate but when I do eat three I usually separated that way I love chicken turkey steak I love as well but I not too much of it but I definitely love chicken and fish

                                                                                        • Dannie Carey
                                                                                          Dannie Carey  1 months back

                                                                                          Jeff I love your show for the markers, muscle description, attachments, geometry of movement etc, but, I don't think you understand how other metabolisms work.
                                                                                          The current scientific journals, anecdotal evidence, my story, support Keto. You get a bunch of good omega fat and clean protein in your system and you'll be a believer too! You're whole body will thank you, skin, hair, connective tissue...
                                                                                          Watch your competition, Thomas Delauer, you two are my go tos for growth and it's working! Love to see you two do a show!

                                                                                          • Lidija Cullen
                                                                                            Lidija Cullen  1 months back

                                                                                            0:58 no comment

                                                                                            • RAXY
                                                                                              RAXY  1 months back

                                                                                              Simple, innovative and actually works!

                                                                                              Jeff is the steve jobs of athletes